Why Use Alligator

Top 10 Reason to Choose Alligator Basement Systems

1: Unlimited Decoration Options


Whether you desire to remodel your basement into a game room, media center, gym or any other type of interior space, Alligator Basements offers the best services at affordable prices.


2: Seamless Finish without Divider Strips or Tape


We lead the basement finishing industry by providing our customers the newest and best basement design ideas in NJ.


3: Resistant to Moisture and Water Damage


We help you transform your dark, musty basement into a dry, beautiful and useful private space.


4: Mold & Mildew Resistant


Mold and mildew are not only damaging to your basement, the allergens from mold spores can be detrimental to your health. Our experienced basement contractors in New Jersey use the best products available to seal your basement from humidity and control mold and mildew problems.


5: Can Support Heavy Objects


One of the appealing features of our basement walls is that they are solid enough to support the weight of mounted fixtures. The surface of the wall is also highly durable and easy to wash.


6: Does not require Stud Framing System


Our basement systems in NJ do not require a stud framing system. This ensures that the wall surfaces are smooth and uniform.


7: Impact Resistant


Our innovative basement design ideas NJ not only create beautiful rooms, with the impact resistant basement walls we install you can be assured your room will stay beautiful for years to come.


8: No Sheetrock


Sheetrock walls deteriorate very quickly and are not highly durable. We do not use them.


9: No Fiberglass Insulation


Interior stud wall framing using fiberglass insulation can lead to the accumulation of moisture within the insulated frame wall. This moisture can then lead to mold, decay and odors.


10: Fire Rated – Class A fire rating


The Class A fire-resistance rating indicates that our system is able to withstand severe exposure to fire.

Environmentally Friendly Basement System
Freedom of Design with Solid and Seamless Walls

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