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Alligator Basement System: Our Strength

Strong and Durablity 3 to 7 Times Stronger than Conventional Walls

Alligator structural insulated panel New Jersey has excellent load-bearing capacity because of its robust construction. These panels have similar structural properties as an I-Beam or I-Column. The Magnesium skin exhibits the same properties as flanges while the core of an Alligator Panel acts as the web. Insulating basement walls Howell are much stronger than conventional walls.

An excellent advantage of this paneling for basements is that these walls allow you to attach anything on them in any location. One can quickly place a screw or a nail in the magnesium skin and hang a picture with ease.



Loads are distributed or carried along the studs or joist, typically at 16”O/C

Loads are distributed across the entire panel.

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