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Alligator Basement System: Our Seam

Alligator Offers a Unique Design for Seamless Walls

Hidden Seams Without Divider Strips Or Vinyl Tape

Our unique process allows homeowners to design their basement walls in an attractive and beautiful way. The seamless finish creates beautiful basement walls with no unsightly divider strips or vinyl tape. The smooth basement finishing panels make them completely indistinguishable from the walls in the rest of your home. Along with eliminating the need for costly items such as dividers and vinyl-tape, the seamless wall New Jersey also eliminates any shortage of materials in completing job. The installation is both quick and easy.


Alligator Walls Promote Healthy Living

Alligator walls are designed with the health of your family in mind. They are manufactured without PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Also, there is no fiberglass insulation or other hazardous materials used in home basement in Rumson. Along with saving money on your monthly energy bills, the walls have been designed to enhance indoor air quality. This results in a healthy and clean installation. Alligator Basements’ green materials are healthy for your family and are safe for the environment.


The Disadvantages of using PVC: The Poison Plastic

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is one of the most toxic plastics known. It is devastating not only to human health but also harms the environment. It is a highly hazardous consumer product that releases harmful chemicals such as mercury, dioxins, and phthalates. When dioxins burn they can cause cancer and harm the both the immune and reproductive systems.

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