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Magnesium Board – Water and Mold Resistant

Magnesium board is known for its durability and mold-resistant qualities. The MgO boards are harder than drywall and work like a combination of drywall and cement boards. They can be drilled through and fastened like other building boards. Magnesium is an environmentally friendly and mold-resistant construction board that offers both better impact resistance and higher sound attenuate. Alligator basement wall panels Howell are constructed using Magnesium mineral board and are superior to panels made from gypsum, cement, wood or other such materials. New Jersey based basement waterproofing also removes mold and cleans the basement space before installing the wall panels.


Advantages of Alligator Basement System Panels


  • Fast construction
  • Energy efficient
  • Eliminates insulating and framing
  • Superior structural strength

Benefits of Using Magnesium in Building Material

Magnesium board is very versatile. It is non-combustible, multi-purpose and ideal for use in building. Its superior structural strength performs better under weather conditions and has less material waste and handling. Magnesium wall panels are energy efficient, resist mold and are highly durable. The magnesium boards used for basement waterproofing in New Jersey provide a comfortable and attractive living environment.



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